Care Advice for FreezPen® CryoTherapy

FreezPen® CryoTherapy at ME Aesthetics offers cutting-edge treatment for various skin conditions. Using extreme cold, FreezPen® targets lesions effectively. Pre and post-care are crucial to optimize results and minimize risks. Pre-care prepares the skin for treatment, while post-care ensures proper healing and reduces potential side effects. Trust our experts to guide you through comprehensive care for optimal skin transformation.

Pre-Care: Prepare for your upcoming treatment by following these precautions:

  • Avoid using retinols, exfoliating acids, or physical exfoliants on the treatment area for 48 hours prior to your session.
  • Refrain from applying fake tan or gradual tanner for at least 2 weeks before treatment.
  • Do not undergo laser/IPL treatments on the treatment area for at least 1 week prior. For verrucae and warts:
  • Soften and slightly open the skin covering these lesions by soaking them in warm, soapy water for 20 minutes and gently scrubbing with a pumice stone or emery board.

Aftercare: For the next 48-72 hours post-treatment:

  • Avoid sunbathing, heat treatments, hot showers, baths, swimming, makeup application, soap, perfumed products, heavy moisturizers, touching or cleansing the treatment area, and picking at any scabs.
  • Gently cleanse around the area and pat dry with a clean tissue/towel.

Side Effects: While FreezPen® Therapy is low-risk, some side effects may occur, including headaches, pigment changes, nerve damage, damage to hair follicles, blisters, and more. Follow aftercare instructions and contact us if needed.

Post-Treatment Information:

  • Lesions may darken and develop a crust before naturally falling away to reveal shiny pink skin, which will repigment over time.
  • Itching and discomfort are normal and can be managed without picking at the treated area.
  • Use SPF 50 sunscreen until repigmentation occurs, avoid picking at the crust, and contact us if the crust hasn’t fallen off after four weeks.

At ME Aesthetics, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. If you have any concerns or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced practitioners. We’re here to support you throughout your treatment journey. Our Price list can be found here. Contact us today and check out the common FAQs for this treatment.