Lips Masterclass

Lip filler treatments are both a science and an art. 

1:1 Training is provided for the administration of dermal filler into to the lips to create your clients desired look. Lip fillers is the most popular cosmetic treatment in the industry. This course has been designed to master the art of administering lip filler treatments and equips you with all you need to know. This class supplies aesthetic injectors with advanced in-depth knowledge, including several different injection techniques. 

During the course you will be educated in anatomy of the lips, the consultation process and pre-treatment assessments. You will be coached in managing potential complications associated with lip fillers. A training manual will be provided to refer to after training.

Our course includes 50% practical training on live models. Our comprehensive practical training is supervised by experienced, highly skilled, aesthetic nurse trainers. Learners will learn to inject dermal filler into the top and bottom lip to achieve sharper, voluminous, defined lips and be able to adapt their treatment to the clients’ goals. Our goal is to ensure that all learners leave practising administering lip fillers safely and confidently immediately after the training day.

We Will cover

The skin & raging

Lip anatomy


Managing Expectations

Facial Veins

Hyaluronic Acid

Characteristics of filler

Lip Shape

Injection depth

Advanced injection techniques

individualising techniques

Practice on live models

Course Content

The Lip Masterclass course will assist students in specialising their knowledge in injecting fillers into the lips. We will equip them with knowledge, confidence, and practical skills required to Continue their Professional Development in their aesthetics journey. This course will also teach students to understanding client’s desires and adjusting their treatment accordingly. 

The skin & ageing process

Learn how to select the most appropriate treatments for your clients

Facial & lip Anatomy 

Gain a better understanding the lip structure 

Potential risk Management

Become confident in recognising and dealing with complications that may arise 

Injection Styles

Learn an array of injection techniques as well as the correct depth to inject safely

Practicing on Dummies

 Practice techniques



Observing Instructors

Witness lip enhancement on real clients

Live Models

Practice on real clients

Entry Requirements

Learners must be qualified in dermal lip fillers, and preferably have over 6 months experience in administering lip fillers. Medic & non-Medics are accepted on this course. 


1 Day 

You may potentially be asked to attend clinic for another day in order for instructors to be confident in your injecting skills

Enrolment & Further Information

To enrol please contact us below. We will contact you within 5 days and to discuss available course dates.


£799 Including VAT for small group classes or £1250 for 1:1 classes

£200 deposit required on booking

Students must have previous basic experience in Injecting dermal fillers into the lips. 

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