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Lip filler Myths Busted!

How to avoid Duck Lips with fillers?

This is a common misconception. It is important to identify the most experienced, knowledgeable practitioner and discuss your specific goals and preferences. If the correct product, most suitable injection technique, accurate filler placement, and the right volume it is possible to create stunning, hydrated lips. It is possible to achieve enhanced volumized lips whilst maintaining a flat side profile. It is also possible to accomplish natural lip fillers that can go entirely unnoticed if that is your overall goal.

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What causes Lip Filler to migrate?

Migration is a side effect of dermal filler treatments, known as a complication, it can occur anywhere filler is placed, most commonly on the lips. It is something that as practitioners, we should aim to prevent. Filler Migration is not uncommon, it can occur due to substandard filler placement, an excessive amount of product, and inadequate injection techniques. Migration may also occur if aftercare instructions are not followed. Other factors may come into play, such as elements of lifestyle. If migration occurs, then we can manage it safely and effectively!

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Any product can be used on the lips

This is not correct. Certain products are not recommended for the lips, including permanent fillers. Reversible fillers are best recommended on the lips, making the procedure safer. At Mollie Elise Aesthetics we only use Hyaluronic Acid-based fillers. These lip fillers near me deliver a natural result whilst resting and during movement, most suitable to the lip area.

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Do Lip fillers Hurt?

False! Everyone has a different pain tolerance, and pain is subjective. At Mollie Elise Aesthetics, we provide a topical numbing cream. This minimizes the client’s discomfort. Lip fillers are an injectable treatment, they can be uncomfortable, but not excruciating. The treatment lasts 15-20 minutes. We also used advanced injection techniques whereas minimal incisions as possible which minimizes tenderness and helps with the healing process. For those who are particularly sensitive to pain, they can request to attend their appointment early to wear the numbing cream for extra time. We do not offer injectable lidocaine or ‘dental blocks’ for lip fillers at Mollie Elise Aesthetics, as they can increase swelling and results less precisely or defined.

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My lips will look weird, stretched and deflated if I stop getting lip fillers

You guessed it… FALSE! Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in our bodies. Lip fillers are made from a superficial version of hyaluronic acid, it is a gel that is broken down and metabolized by our bodies over time. If you decide to stop having fillers, over time your lips will return to their natural original shape and size. With age our lips do lose volume and definition, therefore they may be different from what you remember, this is an effect of aging and not due to dermal fillers.

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