Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Effective hair removal
Long term solution

Laser hair is virtually pain free, long-term solution for hair removal. At Mollie Elise Aesthetics we use a medical grade Diode laser machine, which directly targets the root of the hair, disabling the follicle, to reduce and prevent re-growth. We recommend a course of 6 treatments to achieve optimal results. For some people hair is removed permanently and others it is lighter and finer. Laser hair removal reduces the likelihood of ingrowing hairs which can be uncomfortable, particularly in sensitive areas. Most people will require a maintenance session every 12 – 24 months or so depending on hair growth. Please contact us to book an appointment with one of our nurse laser specialists. 

No. of sessions:

3-6 sessions 4-6 weeks apart

Treatment time:

15-60 Minutes depending on the number of areas being treated

Recovery time: 


Results duration:

 12-24 months


At Mollie Elise Aesthetics your safety, health and wellbeing are paramount. We will discuss the laser treatment, complete a medical assessment and discuss potential side effects. Our experienced laser practitioner will discuss your goals and expectations. You will have the opportunity to ask questions.

  • Attend for a consultation with our nurse laser practitioners
  • Complete medical assessment and consent forms
  • Skin analysis and Patch Test is undertaken

Your Treatment

You will be escorted to the laser treatment room. You will be made to feel relaxed and comfortable and the treatment explained. Cosmetic gel will be applied to the treatment area and then the laser applied at the appropriate setting for your skin type and treatment area. You should feel no pain or discomfort during your treatment.

  • Calm and clinical environment, friendly staff
  • Fast, Pain free treatment
  • Treatment are always tailored to your goals

After your Treatment

Results are not always visible immediately, you will begin to see your hair is thinner and less noticeable. It is essential that you exfoliate at least twice a week to remove avoid loose hair from re-rooting to optimise hair removal. Hair will start to fall out at approximately 1-3 weeks post-treatment (very often from 5 days onwards). Laser hair removal can only damage hair that is in its active growth stage, which is between 20-35% at each laser treatment session. This is why it is advisable to book a course of 6 treatments to achieve optimal results. You will need to attend for maintenance appointments approximately 12-18 months to limit hair new hair growth.

  • On the way to smooth results
  • No downtime
  • Increase in confidence

Pre-care instructions

  • Do not wash or shower the area prior to attending (avoid excess moisture in skin)
  • Do not apply any creams, deodorants or perfumes to the area
  • Shave the area immediately/day before prior to attending for appointment
  • If using hair removal creams, waxing or epilator should be 4 weeks before to your treatment
  • Do not go on the sunbed or use tanning creams for at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment

Aftercare Instructions

  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Can apply moisturises after treatment – including aloe-vera (skin can dry out)
  • Normal for the skin to itchy or red post-treatment – should apply moisturisers/aloe vera gel if skin is irritated
  • Exfoliate x2 per week to the area
  • Can shave in-between appointments but avoid plucking or waxing
  • Wear sunscreen to the affected area if exposed every day, at least SPF30
  • Can take anti-histamines if medical history allows
  • Should adhere to aftercare advise contained in the aftercare leaflet
  • Any concerns contact the clinic
  • Alcohol for 24-hours
  • Strenuous exercise that increases heat for at least 24 hours
  • Sauna or steam rooms for 3 days
  • Extreme heat and radiation exposure such as, sunlight, UV radiation to the affected area for 48 hours and then exposed areas must be protected with sun-cream F30 +
  • Hair growth tablets or supplements

Following the treatment there may be redness, dry skin and itchiness to the treated area. This is a normal temporary result of laser treatment. If these continues or if other reactions occur, please contact the clinic immediately.

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