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What is a bruise?

A bruise also referred to as a hematoma, is caused by trauma. Having any form of injectables does cause trauma to the skin, therefore there is a chance that bruises may be formed. Trauma causes blood vessels to break and bleed underneath the surface of the skin. When bruising first occurs, it appears red due to the blood collecting at the site of the trauma.

During the healing process, the body breaks down the pooled blood and reabsorbs it. This process causes bruises to change colour before they eventually disappear.

The healing process of a bruise looks something like this:

·       Stage 1: The bruise appears red.

·       Stage 2: The bruise turns a blue or black color.

·       Stage 3: The bruise becomes more green or yellow.

·       Stage 4: The bruise is now yellowish-brown or light brown in colour

·       Stage 5:  fading completely.

Please note: the healing process of bruising will differ for everyone and healing time may vary.

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