Our Group Bookings

The more treatments booked, the more you save! Book for you and up to 5 of your friends to attend a group clinic appointment where non-alcoholic refreshments and nibbles will be provided. Spend the day experiencing outstanding treatments with a registered nurse at reduced rates!

This is a perfect package for a friendship group planning on attending a big or special event, or in preparation for a wedding! To ensure you look amazing for the big day, it’s a good idea to ensure your hosting event is booked 2-4 weeks prior to the event.


ME Aesthetics is committed to producing high quality treatments. Our passion is to aid clients in enhancing your appearance in the safest and most natural way. You will be given the opportunity to discuss your treatment, including your expectations and any questions or concerns you have, in a relaxed clinical environment. 

We hold a reputation for “going the extra mile” for all our clients and we ensure that all clients enjoy the benefit of a private consultation with a medical professional. It is important to make an informed decision about your treatment, without the sales pressure sometimes experienced in larger chain clinics. It is our priority to treat everyone as an individual, treatments are tailored to every specific client, not “just another number”. The treatment plans recommended will be based on your needs, expectations, and budget. You will always be offered sufficient time and information to make an informed decision with a cooling off period.

At ME Aesthetics, we only used CE marked products with an FDA approval to ensure optimal client safety. Our commitment to training and research means you can be confident that the treatments we provide will be safe and effective.

It’s easy to book your consultation or treatment with us in the way that suits you best. Use the book now button in the top right corner of the page, where you can select your date time and treatment of choice. You can speak to us via online live chat or contact us via the contact us button below.

Available Benefits

If the total cost of attendees’ treatments exceeds a certain amount the entire group will receive
a specific percentage off their individual treatments.

Total Treatment Amount
Group Discount
£1000.00 10%
£1500.00 15%
£1700.00 20%
£2250.00 25%
£3000.00 or more 30%

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If you are interesting in making a group booking, please contact the clinic to arrange available dates