Finance your Treatments

All treatments over £50 are available on finance. We require a consultation to ensure you understand and absorb all the information. This can be face to face, video or telephone is available. We advise you to book a face to face consultation if you are not sure which treatment is right for you.


60 second application and in most cases an instant decision


Based on your affordability not just your credit history


Your information is guarded and protected

During your consultation appointment you will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment in detail and be offered recommendations. You will be advised on the amount of appointments and the total cost required to meet your desired results.

Following your consultation, you will receive an email from our delegated finance company, Payl8r. This will contain a link allowing you to complete your finance agreement application. A minimum of 10% deposit is required. You can choose to pay a larger deposit to decrease your monthly instalments. You can tailor your agreement to suit you and select whether to pay your balance over three, six, nine or twelve months, with as little as 1% interest.

Photo by Valerie Elash

Before you start the application make sure you have:

Your debit card

Your Bank account number and sort code

Funds in your account to cover the 10% deposit - The deposit is only taken if your application is approved

Meet the minimum criteria:

  • UK resident
  • Online banking
  • A regular source of income