Benefits of Dissolving Filler

Avoid Migration
Vanish lumps and bumps

Emergency reversal
Prevent Overfilling
Undo poor placement

Hyaluronic acid (HA) based fillers can be dissolved with a product called Hyaluronidase. This is an enzyme that can take up to two weeks to work. It functions by breaking down the bonds of HA, speeding up the body’s natural process. The injected filler will begin to soften and break down almost instantly. Individuals can seek filler dissolving for multiple reasons.

Lip fillers are the most dissolved cosmetic procedure in the industry. Clients often visit the clinic pursuing fuller, shapely, natural-looking lips. At Mollie Elise Aesthetics, we hold our treatments to an incredibly high standard. Practitioners may advise that dissolving fillers prior to filling is the best way to achieve your desired result. This is often necessary when a client is looking to achieve more volumes lips maintaining a flat side profile. At Mollie Elise Aesthetics, we offer safe treatments to an excellent standard. All products used are CE marked and have been personally tried and tested.

No. of sessions:

1-3 dependant on migration

Treatment time:

30 minutes

Recovery time: 

3-5 days

Results duration:


Often only one dissolve session is required. However, if the area has larger tough nodules or large areas of migration, further dissolve sessions may be advised. If the filler has built up over time and is older, it can crease scar tissue. Frequently, clients expect bigger lips to break down over long periods of time. However, if you have big, hard lips, the enzymes in the body may find it problematic to break down the filler. This can result in your natural hyaluronic acid being broken down as a substitute, which can amplify signs of ageing. We recommend that if you do have migrated filler, you tackle it as soon as possible.


Your holistic care and treatment standard are paramount to us. During your consultation appointment, your medical information will be collected, and your suitability will be assessed for the treatment. You will be required to undergo an intradermal patch test, meaning a tiny pain-free injection in your forearm. Your injector will discuss potential contraindications of the treatment. Your nurse practitioner will then discuss your goals and expectations, allowing you to ask any questions you may have, answering honestly

  • Discuss your treatment journey and goals
  • In-depth assessment with a nurse
  • Create an individual treatment plan

Your Treatment

You will be shown to the clinical treatment room, and numbing cream will be applied to the area. Your nurse practitioner will then check if you still want to go ahead and have the same goals. Once you are ready, your injecting nurse will carry out your lip augmentation treatment by delicately injecting filler into the lip to achieve your desired result.

  • Modern, calm, clinical environment
  • Quick treatment, 30-minute appointment
  • Personalised treatment

After your Treatment

Following your treatment, you may experience some swelling, which will lessen in a few days. Bruising may occur, but this can be disguised with makeup the following day. You will be provided with in-depth aftercare advice from your cosmetic injector. We encourage you to avoid touching the lips and stay hydrated.

  • See immediate results
  • Little to no downtime
  • Enjoy beautiful, flat natural lips

Pre-care instructions

  • Please ensure you eat before your treatment
  • Do not consume any alcohol
  • You may take paracetamol if you are concerned about pain

Aftercare Instructions

  • Drink plenty of water to remain hydrated
  • Apply a gloss or Emollient, with a cotton bud and clean hands
  • Use an Ice-compress as soon as possible to reduce swelling/bruising
  • We advise you to massage the area once a day with clean hands, starting the day after your procedure to help break down the filler
  • Touching the area
  • Make-up for 6-8 hours
  • Garlic and Vitamin E for 48 hours
  • Intensive exercise for a minimum of 48 hours
  • Extreme temperatures (hot and cold), such as sun exposure, saunas, steam rooms
  • or sunbeds for 7 days.
  • Avoid blood thinning medication, including aspirin for 48 hours unless prescribed by your doctor (please seek advice from your GP prior to treatment and notify your practitioner

Please note: As injections are invasive, it is normal to experience minor side effects, including swelling, tenderness, redness, bruising, and lumps/bumps. It can take between 2-4 weeks for the product to properly settle and the results visible.

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