About us

Mollie Elise Aesthetics is an innovative clinic that provides quality healthcare and wellness treatments in Chorley, Lancashire. Our professionals continue to deliver medical care to the highest possible standard. We are here to help you feel better! We follow the guidelines of the Care Quality Commission, maintaining a high standard across all areas of inspection.

We have assembled a group of talented specialists who are well known for their diligent work. They are to instil our clients with confidence and make them feel safe at our clinic. Our staff are approachable to discuss your beauty-related issues openly. We are dedicated to making you feel happy and more confident.

At Mollie Elise Aesthetics, your safety and comfort are important to us; all our specialists will support you in achieving your desired look. We put the needs of our clients first when making medical decisions and creating a peaceful, contemporary clinical environment to ensure your experience is as positive as possible. 

The Team

Meet our team of carefully selected specialists

Nurse Mollie

Specialist Injector & Owner
Mollie specialises in Natural Aesthetics to enhance clients’ beauty. Mollie is a Senior Nurse Practitioner with an MSc in nursing and a BA Hons degree in Fine Art. Mollie has an eye for detail and facial symmetry.

She has received advanced training to deliver the safest techniques to balance and harmonise the face and body.

Mollie has extensive knowledge in skin and inflammation in the body, she is our skin specialist in dealing with skin concerns, such as psoriasis and rosacea. Mollie can support you on a journey to improve your cellular health. To make you feel good inside and out. 

pam masseuse beauty therapist skin specialist laser hair removal technician


Masseuse & Laser Specialist
Pam has worked in the beauty sector for over 20 years, she has been massaging for over ten years. Pam has comprehensive knowledge on the body and the muscles. She provides clients with massages tailored to their needs, with the right pressure (to take it off you).

Pam also provides beauty treatments, such as brow shaping and lamination.

Pam is our laser hair removal specialist, you will meet her on your journey to becoming hair free!


You will more than likely speak to Nicole if you contact us via email or on our socials!

You will find Nicole on our reception desk and manning the phone! Nicole is bubbly and friendly, she is super organised and will be happy to point you in the right direction if you have any questions!

Why Choose Us

Providing healthcare comes with great responsibility. 
We uphold these values in every aspect of our care and treatment.

Innovative Quality:  

Specialists Mollie Elise Aesthetics undertake regular training and are constantly working on and improving so we can offer the most up to date advanced treatment to our clients.

Care and responsibility

There is no concern too small; we strive to support every client in our clinic. We tailor every treatment to clients' individual needs to achieve the best possible results.

Respect & transparency

Mollie Elise Aesthetics is built on respect. We value transparency & openness. We provide information regarding treatments, answering any questions with integrity.